Sustainable Stadium of Yucatán

The new cathedral of sport: # ESYucatán

# ESYucatán where, more than 3,400 years ago, humanity began the ritual of playing with a ball. The Mesoamerican Ball Game is the oldest sport on earth, and it is in Yucatán where the future of sports, cultural and social infrastructure will also begin.

Soccer: # ESYucatán

Venados fans will have a stadium with the highest FIFA specifications to compete in the First Division of Mexican soccer.

Baseball: # ESYucatán

The fans of Leones de Yucatán will have a world-class baseball park that will also attract Major League Baseball, creating jobs and promoting the economic reactivation of the State of Yucatán.

Social Sustainability and Inclusion: # ESYucatán

An inclusive and accessible building for all types of people; using the Universal Access methodology developed by the University of North Carolina

Hospitality: # ESYucatán

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium will have a hotel with rooms overlooking the playing field.

Economic Sustainability: # ESYucatán

A private investment work that includes offices, hotel, and multiple services to the community, generating an engine of economic development for Yucatan.

Environmental Sustainability: # ESYucatán

The roof of the Sustainable Yucatan Stadium, which celebrates the Mayan Calendar, is covered by white solar cells, alluding to the White City: MÉRIDA, and will have LEED Platinum Certification, the highest level of sustainable buildings.

Our past, present and future, # ESYucatán

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